Hector Caffieri


Hector Caffieri was a fine British watercolourist, born in Cheltenham Gloucestershire in England in 1847.
Caffieri had marvelous tutors having trained in Paris under Léon Bonnat, (1833-1922 ) and  Jules-Joseph Lefebvre (1836-1911) both great exponents of genre painting and both traditional academicians.
Academic Art can clearly be defined as the painting and sculpture produced under the influence of the traditional Europea
Academies. This is where many artists received their formal training.
It is simply characterized by its highly finished style, typical of both of the above and often, its use of historical or
mythological subject matter and its moralistic tone.
 Caffieri worked and lived in London in 1880.  Lived in 1889 in Cookham Berkshire and France from 1903,living for some
time in Boulogne-Sur-Mer on the northern coast, thus his great interest in coastal scenes.
He was a masterful watercolourist, painting fishing scenes, English and French ports, flowers, landscapes and on some occassions, sporting subjects.
 Caffieri was a member of the New Water Colour Society which later became the Royal. He died in January of 1932.
Artist Exhibitions
Caffieri had exhibited widely:
At the Royal Academy from 1875 to 1901 -some 38 works:
The Salon de la Société des Artistes Français 1892-3 with 'Attente' and Départ des Batteaux de Boulogne.
Royal Society of British Artists - 58
Royal Society of Portrait Painters 1
Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colour - 148
Royal Institute of Oil Painters - 17
Royal Scottish Academy - 1
Royal Society of Painters in Water Colour - 2
Royal Society of Artists Birmingham - 25
Agnew and Sons - 3
Dudley Gallery - 6
Grosvenor Gallery - 2

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